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Registering your new imported VW campervan...

Here are the details anyone in the UK will need for registering
an imported vehicle into the UK.

You need the following:

  • Form V55/5 & form VAT 414 from the DVLA.
  • Fee is £38 to register new vehicle.
  • Fee for the cost of the tax disc.
  • Proof of Insurance - Specialist insurance is available which will be considerably cheaper. See our links or the ones on www.vwcampers.co.uk (I used Adrian Flux - they are cheap and will insure you based on the chassis number as it is an import, also give a discount if you are a member of an owner's club, which you probably need anyway - see below).
  • MOT certificate - you can legally drive the vehicle from the point of import to a garage near your home to have an MOT before it is registered (But you must be insured!) Ask the garage to leave the registration mark blank - I was sent back by the DVLA as the garage put the old US reg in here!
  • The original registration document (supplied by VDub Campers)
  • Proof that VAT & import duties have been paid (again, supplied by VDub Campers)
  • Confirmation of name & address - your driving licence will do for this

Additional things the DVLA don't tell you!:

  • The DVLA may wish to inspect your vehicle to confirm the chassis and engine numbers (no cost).
  • They may well ask for proof of the age of the vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to contact the VW Owner's Club of GB and ask for a letter of confirmation for the DVLA - they ask you to join the club £22.50 - all you require is the Chassis number, and VDub Campers will give you this in advance. Contact: Rodney Slay Tel: 01952 242167, 28 Longnor Rd, Telford, Shropshire TF1 3NY or website www.vwocgb.com


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