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VDUB Campers LTD
Company No. 5935867

Terms and conditions relating to purchasing or pre-ordering goods
from VDUB Campers LTD

1. Guarantee of Goods - In case of sourced parts only. All recycled/ secondhand goods carry a 30 day guarantee. All reconditioned goods carry a 6 month guarantee unless stated differently. All vehicle purchases are bought as seen and VDUB Campers LTD can offer no warranty for any vehicles sold.

2. Acceptance of Deliveries - IMPORTANT. All goods must be checked for condition in the presence of the carrier before signing to accept delivery. Please note the customer's signature confirms that the goods have been received in satisfactory condition. No insurance claims can be made for damage once goods have been signed for. If goods received damaged, the carrier's delivery note must be endorsed accordingly and we must be notified immediately.

3. Returned Goods - All goods correctly supplied and subsequently not required may only be returned by our agreement. Returned goods must carry our markings and be returned in the same condition as sent. Goods will be subject to credit note only and customers will be liable for all carriage charges. CREDIT NOTES WILL BE VALID FOR SIX MONTHS.

4. Delivery Dates - Whilst every effort will be made to keep to delivery dates quoted. We accept no liability or responsibility for failure to deliver within the quoted time. Time shall not be the principal factor of the contract.

5. Disclaimer - Whilst all care is taken to ensure parts and panels sold are in good order, no responsibility can be accepted for failure of same, or compensation paid for any loss, damage, injury, labor or recovery charges incurred as a result of goods supplied by us.


Pre-order purchasing on average will take between 2-3 months; however there is no guarantee on this time frame unless stated by both parties in writing, due to many parts/vehicles becoming increasingly hard to source.

All vehicles on pre-order are brought to VDUB Campers LTD premises in a pre-registration state (i.e. before MOT) for the customer to view, and VDUB Campers LTD will help to point out any problems or defects in need of repair. The customer is under no obligation to use VDUB Campers LTD for any repairs to the vehicle, but VDUB Campers LTD will be happy to estimate the cost of any repairs that the customer would like to contract to us. (Note that this situation is exactly the same for vehicles sourced within the UK, with or without a current MOT.)

PLEASE NOTE!! Any deviation from this standard procedure would have to be agreed in writing between VDUB Campers LTD and the customer.
As with any 'classic' vehicle it is inevitable that it will have varying degrees of 'wear and tear' due to its age. Even top class vehicles are not immune. We advise anyone considering the purchase of any classic vehicle not to be under any illusions of 100% trouble free motoring. The potential classic owner should have a reasonable ability to use a spanner, or be in a position to be able to pay someone who can. Old cars are old cars, no matter what make or model. This also relates to used parts and any used vehicle that we sell, wherever it's come from. We hope that this reality check does not put you off but we think that people should understand the ins and outs of classic motoring from the outset!

Pre-Order Procedure information.

1. Any customer who is serious about making a pre-order purchase is to write a letter of order clarifying:

  • Vehicle
  • Model
  • Year
  • LHD or RHD
  • The specific condition they would like the vehicle to be in (including body/paint/mechanics/interior etc. All these points must be addressed, anything not specified will be subsequently considered to be unimportant to the customer.)
  • Budget (stating the maximum amount they would like to spend, or a general price range - minimum to maximum.)

2. When making order, the customer should organize payment of £1,000.00 (one thousand pounds sterling) as a deposit.

3. It must be stated on the order letter if there is to be any intermediate payment, or if the total balance is to be payed on collection of the vehicle.

4. It must be stated on the order letter what is important and what is unimportant to the customer regarding the condition of the vehicle to be purchased.

5. VDUB Campers LTD will then in return reply in writing clarifying the terms of the order, plus receipt of deposit.

6. Any points differing on the written order compared to the original verbal order will be pointed out within the reply from VDUB Campers LTD to make a clear record of the contract before VDUB Campers LTD goes ahead with the pre-order purchase.


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